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CAHS Library: Mobile Apps


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Medication Information

eTG Complete Therapeutic Guidelines  Download android app  Download apple app

Therapeutic Guidelines on the App Store (

eTG Complete Therapeutic Guidelines is an app that requires an activation token.  Register with your WA Health email address.

Download the app to your mobile device.
Apple IOS   Android Google Play

  • Request a token (one token per person).  
  • Renew a token if you change your mobile device and whenever the publisher requires you to update.
  • To download the app for offline use, click the cloud icon in the app, go to the settings menu and select  "use the app offline".  eTG download uses 200Mb on your device.  
  • Having problems?  Check the eTG FAQs

MIMS    Download android app    Download apple app

  • Go to to register for access.  This must be done using a WA health network computer not via your mobile device.
  • Select type of device
  • Enter your Department of Health (global) email address and click Proceed
  • Fill in registration form and click Complete Registration
  • Your token for iMIMS or MIMS for Android will be displayed on screen and emailed to you
  • Download the app via icon above
  • Under Enterprise Users Only tap Login (Token Required) and enter your token

You need to validate your affiliation with WA Health 12 months after your initial registration.

You will receive email notification before your subscription expires. Follow the steps above to renew your subscription.
Instructions for:
iMIMS and MIMS for Android

Clinical Pharmacology     Download Clinical Pharmacology for android devices    Download Clinical Pharmacology for apple devices

  • Go to Clinical Pharmacology, select CP Mobile App and create username/password
  • Select any US state to complete registration
  • Download the app via icon above
  • Enter username and password created upon registration to begin download

Micromedex    Download Micromedex for android devices     Download Micromedex for apple devices     Download Micromedex for Windows 10

Drug Doses    Drug Doses for android    Drug Doses for apple

  • Download the app via icon above
  • Personal subscription required.  Download only after payment online.

Calculators, Statistics, Tools

Download the app via icons provided:


  • Includes key economic indicators and Census data

Calculate by QxMD           

  • Clinical calculator and decision support tool

Lab Tests Online       

  • Information on pathology tests cross-linked with disease or conditions 

Clinical Tools

BMJ Best Practice       

  • Go to Best Practice, select Create account (top right corner) and register for personal account
  • Download the app via icon above
  • Login using your personal registration (Institutional number is not required

With a personal account, you can:

  • Use highly rated BMJ Best Practice app, even offline
  • Get CME/CPD certificates for time spent on BMJ Best Practice
  • Access BMJ Best Practice anywhere

The app now gives users the ability to:
- change font size
- switch to night-mode
- search images, videos and calculators
- have quick access to recently viewed calculators and videos

NOTE: This app is large and updates can be slow to download each time you connect

ClinicalKey – Apps on Google Play
ClinicalKey - the App Store   

  • Download the app via icon above
  • One time registration from any computer within CAHS hospital network is required to gain remote and mobile access 
  • Enter your ClinicalKey username and password used for remote access, and start using the ClinicalKey Mobile App 

NOTE:  Remote Access requires you to log in every 180 days. (required for authenticated user recognition).  A reminder email alert will be sent to you.  


The Cochrane Library App | Cochrane     

  • Download the app via icon above.  ( IOS version not available in Australia)
  • Issues are downloaded via the Newsstand app on your iPad
  • Downloadable Cochrane Review content for reading offline
  • A bookmark feature for creating your own special collections of Cochrane evidence

RCH Clinical Guidelines        

  • Royal Children's Hospital Clinical Guidelines


  • One time registration from any computer within CAHS hospital network is required to gain remote and mobile access to UpToDate 
  • Registration via the link above (refer ‘Log In/Register’ located at the top right corner of the page) is required before you can login via the UpToDate app

NOTE:  Remote Access requires you to log in every 180 days. (required for authenticated user recognition).  A reminder email alert will be sent to you.  



PubMed for handhelds        

Online MedEd     (individual paid subscription access)



  • Download the app via icon above
  • Select Perth Children's Hospital from the list of institutions
  • Login using your network username and password
  • Your password needs to be reset when your network password changes at work
  • Go to Settings to update login and enter new password


 Read by QxMD    

  • Download the app via icon above
  • Tap Create an Account - your login must be your WA Health email account and password
  • Select Child and Adolescent Health Service from list of  institutions.
  • Follow prompts to select specialties, keywords or individual journals to follow
  • To download articles via PCH subscriptions go to Settings, select Automatic Login via Library and enter your He number and email password
  • Your password needs to be reset when your network password changes at work
  • Go to Settings and enter password as per initial set up
  • Or use the Web App 
    Please note:  Automatic Login via Library feature is only available on mobile devices.


Red Book       

  • Access Red Book online via the Library's website on your device and select Sign In to create an individual username and password
  • Select Create Account and then Create an account for individuals
  • When completing registration enter your birth date in the format MM/DD/YYYY
  • Your AAP ID number should be emailed to the address you register. If not, use the Forgot your AAP ID number link to request email
  • Once you have registered and have an AAP ID number, select the Create your Password link under Sign In for Individuals
  • NOTE: If AAP recognises your email address as already registered, you can request your AAP ID (enter DOB as MM/DD/YYYY) or password reset via the website
  • Tap icon above for your device to download app and login using your AAP ID number and password
  • NOTE: If your login does not work the first time you open the App, please contact AAP and advise your login is not working for the mobile app


  • Access Stat!Ref (tds health) via the Library's website and select My Stat!Ref at the top right
  • Set up a My Stat!Ref account, then select the Temporary Login Account tab, then the Activate/Renew icon

NOTE: the expiry date for your account activation.

Every 90 days you will need to renew your account to maintain mobile access:

  • Login to My Stat!Ref, select Temporary Login Account, then Activate/Renew
  • You do not need to create a new password, just note the date you need to reactivate your password

To download the Stat!Ref app:

  • Tap icon above for your device to download app
  • Login using email address and password registered in your My Stat!Ref account to enable mobile access for 90 days

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