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CAHS Library: FAQs

Senior Librarian

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Cilla Sen
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Library Technician

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Emma Stewart
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Education Session

Does CAHS Medical library offer Library education and training?

  • Yes.  Please complete the Library Education Session Request form on the bottom right-hand side of  Library webpage.
  • The Library provides sessions on all our resources. We offer one-on-one training as well as group training.  
  • Time slots - 9:00 am - 12;00pm 0R 1:30 pm - 3:30pm

What is Endnote & how do I get it for my computer?

  • EndNote is a bibliographic software program that allows you to store references & PDFs on your computer so you can easily generate bibliographies in specific styles.
  • The WA Health Libraries Network (WAHLiN) has purchased a WA Health-wide EndNote licence giving staff & students access to EndNote.  If you cant find the Endnote icon via START button, please contact HSS.
  • To download EndNote on your home computer see our Endnote Guide .

Can I get help with Endnote?

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to Service Status - COVID-19 for current library service update until further notice.

Below are a list of commonly asked questions and answers that can assist with your query 24/7.

Library Access

When is the Library open?

  • The Library is open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm (excluding public holidays).

How does a new staff member gain access to Library web resources?

How do I become a member of the medical library?

  • CAHS staff and students employed by CAHS need to complete the Register with the library form on the bottom right-hand side of library homepage.
  • Students undertaking a CAHS course who are not employed by CAHS  and University students on placement at PCH need to complete a Student Library Registration form.  please contact us on 6456 0407.

I am a Doctor/Nurse/Allied Health profession, but not a CAHS staff member or student - can I access CAHS resources?

  • You have 'walk-in' access which means that you can access CAHS Medical Library's resources, including online resources, only within the Library. 
  • If you have registered with another WA Health library you can also borrow books, DVDs & print journals from CAHS LIbrary in person.
  • You may also place a request at your home library for an inter-library loan from CAHS Library. High demand items (short term loans) cannot be borrowed this way.

Can I access the Library from home?

  • Yes. Use your HE number and Active Directory password to login. NB: You must activate your password on-site before you can access resources remotely.
  • Students enrolled in hospital-based courses should use the logon provided by your course co-ordinator.

How Do I get after hours access to the library?

  • After hours access is available for most PCH staff with swipe cards. 
  • If you have not  joined the Library you need to do this first by completing the Register with the library form.

Does CAHS Medical  library have a Consumer Health Library?


How many items (books, DVDs, journals) can I borrow & for how long?

  • Maximum of 10 items (books, DVDs) at a time.
  • Loan period is 4 weeks with two more renewals if there are no reservations on the item.
  • Short loan period for high demand items - 1 - 2 weeks

Students on placement borrowing priviledge:

  • Maximum of 5 items (books, DVDs) at a time.
  • Loan period is 2 weeks with one more renewal if there are no reservations on the item.
  • Short loan period for high demand items - 1 - 2 weeks
  • Please return all items to library prior to termination of your employment at CAHS.

How do I know when my items are due back and can I renew them?

  • Go to the Library Catalogue
  • Click My account (under 'My Library' on the right)
  • Enter your name and barcode (provided on registration) and click Submit
  • A list of your borrowed items will appear with the due dates
  • Click Renew All or tick the items you wish to renew and click Renew Selected
  • If its your third renewal or the items are overdue, the library management system won't allow renewal as the item/s have become past the overdue date.  Best practice is to renew prior to receiving a notice that the item/s are overdue.
  • Phone the Library on for quick, urgent queries only - 6456 0407.  For detailed discussion please email - 

How can I return books/items when the library is closed?

  • There is a RFID self-check in/out KIOSK available to users 24/7.  Other option is to leave books on library trolley next to reference desk.
  • If any issues with self-check in/out KIOSK, please see staff for returning items between 8:30a.m - 4:00pm.

Can I put a hold on a book/DVD/journal that is checked out to someone else?

  • Yes , you can give the details of items to library staff in person , email, phone (645 60407) OR put in a Book / Chapter Request 

Can I borrow a book from one of the other health libraries?

  • Yes, give the details of item to library staff in person ,email,  phone (645 60407) OR put in a Book / Chapter Request 

Books / DVDs / Articles

I have a reference/citation for a journal article - how can I find out if the Library has the article?

Please note:  Library registration is required for Article/book loan requests.

  • Go to homepage  and click on the Journal Title Search tab.
  • Type the title of the journal in the search box. Click Go.
  • Click the find it @CAHS icon next to the relevant journal to see if the Library has access to the required year & issue either online or in print. If not, click 'We'll get it for you via Document Delivery' and complete the online form.
  • If the title doesn't appear you need to place a request via the Article Request/Book / Chapter Request  form found here on the bottom right - hand corner.

How can I find out if the Library has a specific book/DVD?

  • Go to the Library catalogue.
  • Type in keywords or select title from the drop-down menu and type the exact title in the search box. Click Submit.
  • Look under Status to see if the book is available, on loan or not for loan.
  • To limit the search to DVDs click the Advanced Keyword link (under Advanced Search on the right) & choose 'Videos, films' under Material Type, then type your title in the search box & click submit.

Can I request a book or journal article the Library doesn't have?

  • All CAHS staff can request books and articles from other libraries via the Book / Chapter Request link on the left under Library Services.
  • Use the Article Request form for articles.   You must be registered with the library to request articles.

Which library do I request a book or journal article from if I work across 2 or more locations?

  • Please make your request for a book or journal article from your home library. If you spend an equal amount of time at each location you need to register at both / all libraries.
  • To register with the CAHS Medical Library complete the Register with the library form on the bottom left  of homepage.

Can I request  a literature search?

  • Unfortunately, CAHS Library no longer provides this service.  To resume this service, we need more staffing.

I think the Library should have this book/DVD/Journal - can I ask you to purchase it?

How do I order a book/DVD for my department?

  • You will need the cost centre number & authorisation for the purchase. Then fill-in the Dept Book Order form on the bottom right-hand side of Library homepage.
  • We only purchase for departments who do not hold a purchase card.   Please see 'work instruction' PDF below.

Access from Home or Other Sites

CAHS staff with PCH on-site computer log-in can also access the Library's online resources off-site using the same log-in.
  • If your on-site access is not working, please contact HSS ( ICT Service Desk)
  • If your access off-site is not working please follow the directions below.

CAHS staff located at another site, and staff from other WA Health sites temporarily working at PCH will need to apply for EzProxy access via the following steps:

The form can only be accessed onsite:

  • Click on the eHFN-030 Forms link top left of CAHS Hub page.  Please use Internet Explorer (IE) for this function.
  • Click IT Forms on left hand side under Other WA Health Forms
  • Under IT forms-frequently used (middle section) click on Computer access request (eHFN-030).
  • Log-in with your User Name (HE number) and Password used to access your work computer & email.
  • Click Change My Access.
  • From the Application Name menu select EzProxy 
  • Select Perth Children's Hospital.
  • Click Submit (bottom of screen).
  • If you experience any difficulties please contact HSS on 13 44 77
    OR ‚Äč         

    Please allow up to 48 hours for access to be activated by HSS.

Online Access

How can I access the Library's online resources from home / another hospital?

  • CAHS staff with PCH on-site computer log-in can access the Library's online resources off-site using the same log-in.
  • If your log-in is not working off-site please contact HSS ( ICT Service Desk) - 13 44 77
  • CAHS staff located at another site & staff from other WA Health sites temporarily working or studying at PCH will need to apply for EzProxy access - please see our Off-Site Access information on the table above.   

Please allow up to 48 hours for access to be activated by HSS.

I am a student at PCH - how can I access the Library's online resources?

  • If you are a university student you can only access the Library's online resources within the Library.
  • If you are a student completing a PCH course, you have full access rights & can access online resources off-site. If you are also a CAHS staff member, log-in using your HE number and password. If not, please contact the Library-               
What resources can I access on my mobile?
  • All of the Library's online resources can be accessed via the internet on mobile devices by CAHS staff. But you get better functionality by using Mobile Apps. To download specific Mobile Apps see our mobile guide: Mobile Resources

Can I download eBooks to read offline?

  • No. Our licensing does not allow eBooks to be downloaded. They are intended to be viewed via the publisher’s website. 



Does the library have an image library?

  • Approximately 2 million images and associated multimedia are available from ClinicalKey alone, and may be used in your PowerPoint presentations or papers. Attribution is required. Activation of personal account is required for any downloads.
  • CAHS has an Media/Communications with an image library, graphic and poster design service and more.